Flag football continues to grow as an alternative to full contact football.  At ODF we use Football in the fall to teach the basic skills and concepts of the game.  


Every Spring we offer Soccer as an exciting way to engage our youth.  The world’s most popular sport continues to grow at the youth level in the United States. As more and more young athletes look to develop their soccer skills, ODF programs aim to encourage students to build their skills, speed,  and strength, so they can compete at the next level.

Our Mission is Simple:

Helping young athletes discover real life beyond the field of sports.

Our Value is Clear:

We believe in life and integrity.  
We teach our athletes that how we live and who we are is more important than how we play.


We believe in service.

At ODF we value the opportunity to serve as a high privilege.

We believe in excellence.
At ODF we are not perfect and we do not expect perfect people, but we do strive to do all we do for God's glory and man's good.

We believe every life matters.

At ODF we value life young and old.  We believe in teaching every child that they are important to our creator.