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2021 Soccer Teams

We are excited about the upcoming soccer season.  Thank you for making this one of the most participated seasons ever! Here are a list of players and teams in this age bracket.  Your coach should in contacting you soon with your practice schedule.

Click on the coaches name to see the team roster.

Ages 12-16

Team 1:  Sandy Scott

  • Johnny     Meshell

  • Mason     Wiley

  • Ayden    Wiley

  • Cody    Procell

  • April    Gentry

  • Gunner    Tong

  • Brent    Francis

  • Zane    Givens

Team 2: Vincent Martinez 

  • Gracie    Cason

  • Tray     Milligan

  • Kade    Martinez

  • Isaiah    McAbee

  • Porter    Williamson

  • Brody    Francis

  • Isak    Schmidley

  • Justin    Palmer 

  • Brayden    Pearah

Ages 12-16 TEAMS